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For more than a decade, we have served our clients to the best of our abilities. What we say is not as important as what our client's say. Please take a moment to read what our clients say about our products and their satisfaction working with us.


Custom business applications work the way you work

The Baptist Foundation of Alabama (service began 2013)

The Baptist Foundation of Alabama chose Dynamic Website Development to design, development, and implement a revolutionary new scholarship management application. With a focus on reliable control, time saving automation and accuracy of information. DWD built an online application thatTBFA says has saved them more than 600 man-hours annually and provides measurable efficiencies to donors and students alike. Automatically matching applicants to the criterias of more than 100 donor created funds, then numerically ranking each student within each fund according to their "need" for financial assistance and delivering results in real-time exceeded the expectations of The Baptist Foundation of Alabama.

We can master a formula based on need, merit or a combination of both. Donors appreciate knowing their money goes to the best of applicants. For more information see our sub-site

""Working with the team at DWD was a pleasure, they exceeded our expectations on every level from the way they communicated with us to the finished project."  John Ashworth Chief Administrative Officer The Baptist Foundation of Alabama.

Minimal problems

Cabinet Doors Depot (service began 2012)

When customer service and user experience must be second to none the custom cabinet door distributors came to DWD to build a full custom website that will meet their goals of providing the best in class user experience.

"Working with DWD is a fantastic experience, they listen to us, they don't rest until it is perfect!. When the online competition is as steep as our industry, it isn't what I say that counts most... it is what my customers say that means everything. We often have customers comment on how pleased they are with the website, how it was so much nicer than other similar sites ..." Bob Peters, Owner

Lower costs

PhilanthroCorp Inc. (service began 2001)

"We have had a long and satisfactory relationship with Dynamic Website Development. They built our LegacyLinc content feed application that enables us to provide hundreds of custom content pages to our clients and it can be managed by a non-technical person. The LegacyLinc application was revolutionary in our industry 14 years ago and leading edge still today. Dynamic Website Development has also built our websites and our client service application, the Estate Plan Organizer. We would recommend them on any complicated project.” Mark DeBiase, President/CEO PhilanthroCorp, Inc 111 Tejon Street Colorado Springs, CO.

Enhanced business security

C.J. Foods Inc (service began 2002)

We selected Dynamic Website Development to build our first website, to our most recent one. They have also built several complex applications that streamline our manufacturing business creating the work orders for all machines in our four locations and runs alongside the JD Edwards manufacturing plant software. We highly recommend DWD." Tod Morgan, President/CEO C.J. Foods, Inc

Arizonans For Children (service began 2003)

"We have enjoyed the four beautiful websites Dynamic Website Development has built us in the last 14 years. Their backend with all the forms and documents for our case managers and the training section for new volunteers has simplified our running multiple locations. I will always recommend them for any business.” Kaye McCarthy, President, Arizonans for Children.

Minimal problems

The Care Center (service began 2013)

We couldn’t visualize how software could fit into the way we worked, but Dynamic Website Development created an online application that revolutionized our tracking, record keeping and provided the accountability the inspector wanted and the separate logins for each department simplified the process and made training a volunteer staff of more than 50 individuals much easier than we had imagined. We distribute more than 76 tons of food to over 10,000 individuals annually. We kept everything on paper before DWD. They analyzed every step of our process and built the prefect application that fit into our way of working but replacing all that paper we went “green” and now referencing something is so easy and fast. It even captures the digitize signature of recipients to satisfy the inspectors. We highly recommend Dynamic Website Development.” Judy Nash, Administrator, The Care Center, Montgomery AL.

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