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Technology & Methodology

Our competencies in programming are represented by co-owner Claudiu Danila. Claudiu is a graduate of the University of Timisoara, his degree in computer science . Having more than 16 years experience working with all internet languages, he ranks log(n) level in nearly all the computer sciences.

On larger projects we often come alongside a company’s in-house technical staff to develop a solution that requires integration with two or more preexisting software programs. Collaborating with the in-house staff requires that a development methodology be agreed on at the beginning to be sure the teams understand how the project will proceed then what to expect and when and how. Choosing the right model for developing a software product or application is very important.

Although the ‘Agile Methodology’ is the most used model there are cases where the ‘V-model’ is also used especially if the softwares to be integrated with are in daily use. ‘V-model’ is nothing but ‘Verification’ and ‘Validation’ model where the developer’s life cycle and tester’s life cycle are mapped to each other. In this model testing is done side by side of the development.

Development methods used by the industry are:

  • Agile model
  • V model
  • Incremental model
  • RAD model
  • Iterative model
  • Spiral model
  • Waterfall model

Different projects and companies based on the software application or product, we select the type of development model whichever suits to their application. But these days the ‘Waterfall Model’ is the very old model. In ‘Waterfall Model’ testing starts only after the development is completed. The downside is that many defects and failures are reported at the end. So, the cost of fixing these issues are high. Hence, we nearly always are preferring ‘Agile Model’. In ‘Agile Model’ after every sprint there is a demo-able feature to the customer. The customer can see the features and advise us whether they are satisfying their need or not.

In reality, the best projects are a mixture of several methodologies. The timing and degree of each is relative to the project, the customer and the sources involved.

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